When we're not busy sleeping, eating or making "Encased" (these three activities usually take 99,9% of our time following in the reverse order, and we don't eat too much), we usually play games.

Let us know which games you like to play. You wouldn't be here if you didn't like to play RPGs, now would you?
Original War - the game itself acts like a strategy game, but it is not so much. It is more like an RPG - during the single-player missions, player is let freely to aproach every problem his own way and strategy. Choices in some specific points of a game also have impact on the future events. You can build your base wherever you want and focus on technologies and weapons you prefer the most. People are also unique and not expendable. You cannot create new poeple/soldiers/workers from nothing like in most strategies. Each person is unique and can die which will influence how many people will be available for next missions - that makes player's decisions and character managment the most crucial factor in game. This game does not give you a hand you can just follow and win the game easily. Every mission is unique and you must think and re-consider your decisions many times in order to win.

This is my number one game even though it is not so popular or well-known world-wide, the story, characters, music, atmosphere make this game perfect and I re-played the game dozens of times.

If you love sci-fi / building a base / great story / real time combat or just a very unique strategy game, go for Original War. It's a bit old game, but the graphics is 2D, so you won't notice bad visual quality, some environments are actually quite amazing and wonderful.

There are some RPGs and post apocalyptic games as well. Fallout, Wasteland, Mad Max, Borderlands, Metro, Rage .... these are all great games and I fell in love with RPG and post-apocalyptic genres along the way. I found these genres most appealing.


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Recently, I'm playing a lot of Battletech. I also play quite a bit of PUBG, usually with friends or on stream. I also have north of a thousand hours in Elite: Dangerous; I mostly play that to wind down. I also backed ED on Kickstarter back in the day.

As far as post-apocalypse goes, I love Fallout 4 and Wasteland 2. I played a ton of Fallout 3 and New Vegas back in the day and of course also the Fallout and Wasteland classics. I own all of the Metro games, but haven't gotten around to play them yet. I don't know if it strictly counts as post-apoc, but I love Subnautica too. I have a weakness for any kind of submarine game, really...

My favourite RPG of recent times is probably Pillars of Eternity. The story and feel of the world are just so good. I backed Pillars 2 on Kickstarter but haven't had the time to try it yet. Even though I prefer Pillars' world, I also enjoy Divinity: OS 2, of course. Currently playing that co-op with a group of friends.
Metro 2033 and all of the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series. These franchises both have a unique feel to them and great atmosphere. I still play Fallout1-2 once in a while and fanmade modifications like Fallout of Nevada(I'm old). Obviously Wasteland 2. Though I suppose you guys already know all of these games.

From not so widely known games I could mention ATOM RPG: Post-apocalyptic indie game, UnderRail, NEO Scavenger.